Thursday, August 20, 2009

Authentic Discovery

It is done.

I have landed on my mission.

Strengthening marriages. There are lots of ideas and a skeletal plan on paper already.

Essentially, I am convinced that marriage is an institution that needs support.

Think about it.

What license do we get that is never renewed?

What certification do we receive that never requires updated education?

What other institution is created without built-in processes to ensure its stability and success?

If someone chooses to enter this institution -wouldn't it be great to have a support system in place to enable them to be successful?

Let's face it - there is usually no action or formal education on marriage skills until there is a crisis.

I plan to change that. Starting now.

In the spirit of applying what I learned at the Leadership Summit two weeks ago at Willowcreek, I am launching my project in an effort to be opportunity driven vs. crisis driven (Gary Hamel, visiting professor at the London Business School) for families across the United States. Possibly the world.

I am also going to take Wess Stafford's advice and leverage my past to propel me and my vision for my project. Wess is the current president of Compassion International. Amazing leader.

I am going to start small but start something. (Jessica Jackley - founder of

I am not going to attempt to solve a big problem with a grand solution. I am going to "shrink the change" and start one city, county or state at a time. (Chip and Dan Heath - authors of Made To Stick)

Interestingly, I have fluxuated on where to best leverage my talents and energy for more than a year.

There has been lots of prayer.


Stops and Starts.



Now, it's on.

Dictionary says - discover (root word for discovery) is to obtain sight or knowledge for the first time.

Strenthening marriages is my cause.

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