Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Recognize an Authentic Miracle

Today I witnessed (and was beneficiary to) a carefully orchestrated miracle.

Each player had no idea their role.

Normally the ever optimist - I struggled today to shake an icky feeling.

A friend more than 1000 miles away does a favor for another friend.

A regular Facebook checker, I slacked heavily today, finally checking it at precisely the moment necessary.

The stars were aligned and then, there was the rejection.

Instead of my normal type-A response - I was unusually calm and really (for the first time truly) let go... I trusted that He knew what was best and sat and waited.

I did not move or make a plan or call in for back ups.

Nor did I plead for a miracle.

I waited.

With my eyes wide open.

No joke - within 10 minutes, my miracle had arrived. Complete - signed, sealed, delivered.

The best part of all this - I RECOGNIZED IT.

I didn't go on and on about coincidences or revel in how awesome everything "fell into place"

I looked my miracle in the eye and received it for what it was.

A miracle sent to me from my Maker.


In the hour I needed it most.

Thank you, Lord.

Also, thanks to all the players who took part without even knowing they were part of something so much bigger than what appeared before them today.

If you are waiting for a miracle - a big one. Don't close your eyes or give up hope. Your miracle is on the way.

In fact - I would bet there are many small miracles happening to get you to the big miracle. Don't be so focused on the "big one" that you miss all the small ones. Don't dismiss the small miracles, embrace them and honor Him for the small things.

Remember what you do in practice - you do in the game. Same principle here.

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