Saturday, March 27, 2010

Relationships Matter Now, LLC - Plan B????

Some time in the last few days as I have been furiously campaigning (begging) for votes for my Pepsi Refresh project as I have simultaneously watched my rank drop almost daily... the thought of plan B crept in.

Funny, that it would be positioned in my mind as "Plan B". You see Relationship Matter Now, LLC was always going to happen in 2010. In fact, if you take a look back at my 2010 Objectives - it's there loud and clear. Conspicuously - there is no mention of Pepsi or Pepsi Refresh Everything Project. When I wrote those goals and set out in December with Simplicity Inc., my small business consultants, to mount this movement - there was no Pepsi Refresh cash in the plans.

So as I head on vacation for one week to plug out of all things work related - I want everyone who has been SO GRACIOUS and FAITHFUL in voting, commenting and supporting my bid for this project to know where I stand.

Relationships Matter Now, LLC will be incorporated by July.

You see on that grand day the second week in March when I spent the entire time thinking, planning and strategizing my points of entry for this idea - the possibility of not getting the grant was not in my mind. I was focused on the what, when, where, who - the "how" was still not clear. It is no more clear today.

But the support, comments and convergence of circumstances has validated this concept and made me more certain that this is the time to start this conversation - this movement.

One day last week - my husband said to me - "Denise, you know if you don't get the grant - we can 'loan' you the $5k to get your company started." I was so touched and authentically moved to tears that my partner in life was so plugged in to this important movement, especially because he and our journey together inspired it.

Since Relationships Matter Now LLC is not "work" for me - I will spend at least a few hours thinking on how we move forward without the Pepsi Refresh money - EVEN THOUGH I'm planning a VOTE-A-THON Tuesday night from a remote town in Mexico (you can join us virtually). Interesting in one breath, I am talking post 5 days from now without the grant - yet never truly throwing in the towel on getting it.

That my friends, is why you can count on hearing about Relationships Matter Now, LLC very soon. Because what is Plan B to everyone else was always Plan A for me.

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  1. Denise, you have something truly amazing within you. Having the support of our loved ones is powerful ammo when we decide to be obedient to our life's journey. Embrace that.

    Sometimes we are so concerned with the "who, what, where, etc." we forget to take ACTION. Great plans are just that, great plans. However, your vision is a movement. Talk to people, tell them what relational wellness is. Share with them how relational wellness intricately affects our lives on a daily basis. Share your concerns, share your beliefs. I have a feeling you will plant seeds to the most beautiful garden.

    You have a vision, you have a plan; but most importantly, you have a MOVEMENT. You said it yourself. ;)

    We'll talk soon...

    Blessings to you!