Wednesday, August 17, 2011

K. E. Y. To Getting What You Want In Life

Credit: Marek @fotolia
Almost a full week after my annual leadership replenishment exercise, I am still reeling from all the great wisdom imparted upon me.

No less than 3 different topics clog my mind right now to blog about as it relates to relationships and what I learned... but it really all comes down to the illustration above.

Keep Extending Yourself

Speaker after speaker. Marketplace or Church based. It didn't matter male or female - all the speakers pointed to using your individual power, motivation, unique story and skills to propel you to your calling. Your dream. Your life's work.

"We are all conditioned to be picked, PICK YOURSELF, " said Seth Godin.

"Believe in the future by creating it first" or "Don't worry about what you want to do, think about what to do NEXT,"  implored Len Schlesinger.

"Resist the temptation to stop or step back and just move forward," pleaded Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil.

Powerful words.

Actionable words.

I share them because they are the jumping off points for the next phase of my growth. Each give me specific instruction, specific movement. And they can do the same for you.

Keep Extending Yourself towards what's important to you. In my case, it's revolutionizing relationships on planet Earth.

Don't shrink from your work, your dream because of what you see around you. Take a few minutes to read the words above and apply them to your specific situation. Your specific scenario.

In just 6 days and I've already seen a difference in the opportunities that have surfaced for me and Relationships Matter Now and my other leadership roles. Our world is dying for great leaders. Stop looking for "them" and BE them.

Keep Extending Yourself and see what happens.

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