Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mind The 'Loose' Connections In Your Life

Sometimes you connect with people and it is not immediately apparent why you are connected. In today's fast paced, 140 character relationship madness - it is the loose connections often miss.

I was reminded of this almost two weeks ago exactly, when prepping for a new business pitch, I reached out to re-kindle a "loose" connection because I thought they'd be a good resource in my preparation. I was not hesitant to call but was a bit nervous as to how the call might go.

To my surprise, the "loose connection" on the other end of the phone was instantly converted to a strong connection. It happened so quickly that it almost took my breathe away. And as I've pondered over it in my head again and again - it comes back to something simple.

We are only as good connecting with others as we are connected to ourselves. Our unshakeable truth of who we are and what we want in life has to ooze from our pores when we meet and connect with others.  It creates an environment for connection. People take interest in you and your endeavors.

There should have been no doubt in my mind that the "loose connection" was actually a strong one all along. But there was some doubt.

Perhaps because the original circumstances under which we met did not go as planned.

But I was reassured that day, that I - not the circumstances - had made an impression and was not forgotten. An impression that caused the "loose" connection in my mind to actually feel like it was a strong connection to the other party.

We often forget the power we have in setting our destiny for ourselves and those we have in our lives.

Mind those "loose" connections in your path. They may actually be strong connections waiting to be activated.

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