Wednesday, January 4, 2012

3:03 AM, That's What You SHOULD Be Doing

3:03 am - the time my body woke up where ever I've been over the last 10 days

3:03 am in Spain is 10:03 pm in Chicago.

3:03 am in Chicago is 10:03 am in Spain.

Why does that even matter?

Well over the last 10 days I have been in both places and my body has woken up at 3:03 am in each of them. Wide awake, mind racing sleep interruption has taken place. But the topic on my mind has been the same. My life's work. Prioritizing my life's work. Accelerating my life's work.

Very soon, I'll elaborate on what that all means. For now the lesson is this:

What is it that WAKES you up at night?

What is it that MAKES your heart race every time you think about it?

What is it that can hardly be contained any longer WITHIN?

It's a New Year and time to go for IT. Whatever IT is.

The time has come for my IT and IT is no longer a want or a desire, it is a full on MUST HAVE NOW. 2012 is the year IT is on, full month

I am encouraging you to give in to whatever IT is that is pulling at your heart, your talents, your soul. You will not be sorry.

Your 3:03 am wake up call is what you SHOULD be doing. Now.

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