Monday, March 12, 2012

Be Unencumbered

One of my favorite sights every Spring is that of birds returning to the Chicagoland area.

I love to see them in flight especially in the early days like now when it is a big risk that the weather may not cooperate long term.

What I love most is the freedom these birds have to be where they want to be, regardless of the pundits who say the weather won't last. 

Regardless of whether generous souls have their bird feeders out yet.

Regardless of what predators await them.

Birds are unencumbered by nature.

Last week one of my Twitter friends tweeted and I quote

"@Lotay is unencumbered."

What a grand statement!

Dictionary says:

un·en·cum·bered [uhn-en-kuhm-berd]  


1. not impeded, slowed down, or retarded; free to move, advance, or go forward.
2. having few or no burdens or obligations.
3. not burdened or weighed down, as with bulky or heavy objects.
Can you describe yourself as unencumbered? 
Most days I can and it is really a goal every day. 
No question, life throws curve balls our way and sometimes it's hard not to feel just a wee bit encumbered but as long as it is a temporary state, all is good.
Look out your window and spot a bird. Observe their nature and do it yourself.

Be unencumbered this day!

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