Monday, May 21, 2012

Never Give Up

I saw this image over the weekend and it struck me. In the course of life, there are two kinds of people.

Those who toil hard for what they want but never seem to get it. And there are those who also toil hard for what they want and they stick it out for how ever long they have to to get it.

Those who give up.

Those who persevere.

This illustration is great on so many levels. In life you never know how close you are to what you want. You only see what's right in front of you. You only know the effort you've put in so far. You can be isolated in your effort to your goal and not know that there are others around you, who are also toiling for the same thing.  You can get discouraged at anytime and give up.

I am glad I saw this today.

I needed this to keep me on task. I have many things in flux at the moment and find it harder and harder to stay focused, to stay on task. This gentle, yet powerful reminder is kicking me back into gear.

I know I am closer to my goal than I was last week but I don't know how close I am.

I need remember that the picture is larger than what I see at the moment.

I know the effort I've put in and open myself to opportunities to collaborate with others on a similar path.

I will not be discourage at this time.

I will not give up.

What about you?

Which person in the illustration above will you be this day?

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