Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reality Based Evidence vs. Fear Based Evidence - Which Will You Choose?

Yes, that about captures the face I had last week when I got the final look at the finances for Relationships Matter Now's  first full-time year in business.

We made money.

We were profitable.

We just didn't make as MUCH money as we set out to.

Not a bad problem to have in a new business but a problem nonetheless. Fortunately for me, I have a great relationship with disappointment. We acknowledge one another and I take the time to feel my disappointment. Rage and cry, if necessary and this time it was a cry.

A scary,  I-so-need-to-grow-my-business-and-grow-it-now-but-I'm-working-as-smart-as-I-can burst of tears. I took the time to look at how we fell short in 2012. I re-visited the 2013 plan and took a moment to assess Q1 and where I think we will finish based on what I know now.

Why am I sharing this with the world? Because you need to know that adventurous people who step out in faith battle demons just like those of you who have not dared to step out. We fight fear and disappointment, just as you do. We fret over numbers and projections, too.

The only difference is we continue to believe we can do it. We retool plans. We acknowledge our fear and we push through it. We build plans B, C and D when plan A fails us. We also look at the evidence.  The REAL evidence and not the fake evidence our fear feeds us.

Look at the subtle differences:

Fact:   My company did not make enough money
Fear evidence:  You didn't make enough money, perhaps you need to reconsider entrepreneurship.
Real evidence:  You have a profitable model, you need to make more people aware of it.

Fact:   My company turned a profit
Fear evidence:  It may take a long time to turn a bigger profit.
Real evidence:  Each project helps you refine pricing and profit structure. Just need more.

Fact:   Momentum for 2013 is greater than momentum for 2012
Fear evidence:  Less possibilities have come to fruition in Q1
Real evidence:  More possibilities are building daily for remainder of 2013 and beyond

Fear is never on our side. It always feeds our doubts and it's up to us to decipher what we will listen to, consistently - reality or fear based evidence.

I choose reality based evidence. That is the difference between those who dream and do and everyone else.

What about you? How can you dissect fear based evidence versus reality based evidence in your life today? What will you believe?


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I totally understand what you're going through. Although I love the way you bounced back from disappointment with an honest look at the business side of things. It was inspiring to me as I'm following in your footsteps. You had success. Don't compare yourself to others. Another way to make your success seem larger is to adjust your budget. But you're doing well. Keep on Keeping on.

  2. Thanks Bill - Appreciate your kinds words. This is a tough journey and not for the weak or faint at heart. I am keeping the perspective...