Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Authentic Demotivation

In case you were wondering...

Something that sucks the life from you or causes you to question yourself and your abilities constantly is my definition of demotivation.

Any person, company or situation you find yourself in contact with that causes the above reaction requires you to move on. Run the other way. Fast.


Demotivation kills. It kills the spirit. It kills ideas and it kills hope.

Without hope - we have nothing.


  1. Demotivation does indeed kill...

    Never question your abilites or your beliefs.

    Brent Alexander

  2. I agree 100%. Demotivation rips the life out of you, kills your spirit, and leads to that mediocracy you mentioned in a previous piece.

  3. I like your definition of demotivation. I detest it because as you said it kills hope. However, I love authentic perseverance. Perseverance leads to character and character leads to hope even in the face of demotivation.

  4. good advice.
    i will try to remember this,
    because i know those things are in my life!