Saturday, October 25, 2008

Authentic Motivation


What a powerful word. If you have it - great. 

If you don't, then what?

I'll tell you what - you have some work to do. 

I define motivation as "that which moves us". With that basic definition - motivation can be positive or negative.  We have all been exposed to this... when one says "She is self-motivated" they are saying that that person needs no motivation - she is literally moving herself. Conversely, when we hear some say "She is just not motivated" - they are literally saying - she is not moving.

So where are you?

Today, I can say I am moving forward with my plans. I know precisely what moves me and I am honoring that now. It does not hurt that fear of getting older and missing my goals is motivating me  - I say - whatever it takes to keep us moving forward.

 I challenge everyone to stop and think about what moves you... if it is not working - you need to go back to the drawing board.

Authentic motivation knows no fear. Authentic motivation moves forward in any economy under all circumstances.

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  1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Denise. I am one of those "self-motivated" people who sometimes fears going after what I KNOW I can achieve. The risk I am taking with starting the soccer club brings a little bit of fear, but I know that with my background and my heart for both my hometown and the game I adore, I really am the only person who CAN make this idea works, and Milwaukee is really the only place that I can do it. So I move forward and take the risk knowing that it could turn out wonderful or it could go belly-up in a year. I won't be risking my financial future on it, which makes me more determined to make a go of it and attempt to succeed with this plan. Check out my blog for more details.