Friday, April 10, 2009

First Quarter Update on 2009 Objectives

On this 10th day of April, I want to take a moment to reflect on the my original post about 2009 Objectives and do that gut check on where I am.

Clearly this week, I can check off number 4 - I won my Lake in the Hills Village Trustee Board election.  This was a big one that took lots of time getting to know people around this village of 30,000 residents.  I loved every minute of this interaction and grew as a person through the process. Actually - I shrank - I lost 16 pounds since January - seven of which I directly attribute to canvassing every weekend. NICE side benefit.

I have been pretty decent with number 1 - taking time off with my kids not related to travel - once in January and spring break for a few days. This will be a bit tougher as the year progresses but I plan to keep it high in the priorities.

Beth Moore Bible Study a quarter is going well. I need to identify the new one as I have less than 40 days left in my current study of the Apostle John. What an incredible figure in history he was! Here is a guy who walked along side Jesus from early in His ministry and was referred to throughout the new testament as the "the one whom He loved" - He being Jesus. No one writes about love more than John nor does anyone appear to have understood the sovereignty of Jesus as God's son like him. I am being transformed as I study John and his writings.

There was an addition to the original list - I started taking piano lessons with Emma in February.  I had on the kid's list to get them piano lessons since we were blessed with a free piano in Oct of 2007.  I play by ear but do not read music. My goal is be able to play music for Christmas and it's going well so far.

I am lacking on many items - I'm still "cleaning" my own house, with no new cleaning lady on the horizon. Sigh.

Emma and my nails are woefully neglected - although I did manicure last weekend. Plus you know Emma has demanded that I keep her nails up. This is an easy fix.

Date night with my husband has not happened in the first three months. April is not over and there is a surprise planned later this month. Shhhhhh.

Regional/national conference speaking engagement is not scheduled nor have I made any progress here. This new quarter - I will put some energy here. Anyone have any leads for me to pursue? Send them over... I could use the boost :)

Finish my first book - nada. Just some outlines and notes but no manuscript even started.

OK - I am not getting down or overwhelmed,  we are only through 1/4 of this year.

I will take this weekend to relax with my family and celebrate my first quarter accomplishments. We even have a celebratory dinner planned for next Tuesday at one our favorite pig-out spots - Texas de Brazil! (Thank God for eClub coupon deals)

Where are you with your 2009 objectives? 

The key to completing objectives is regular accountability checks. You are all my witnesses and feel free to chime in on what I can do to hit some of the areas I am falling short. I welcome the feedback. 

And thanks again for joining me on this journey.

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