Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tough Times Call For New Paths

I just read an article that made me stop in my tracks.

Very interesting take on how hard it is to hire good people our current climate. The article characterizes "A-players" in an interesting light.

As someone who considers herself an "A-player", I had to pause and jot this thought down.

To me - an A-player is the top tier of people who are absolutely self-motivated, innovative and game-changing in the way they approach all areas of their lives. 

These people constantly push for improvement and are- often times -  the most hated folks in the room but always the most respected.

With that in mind, A-players flourish in all times, even downturns such as the one we are experiencing. Because of their innovation  - they morph and evolve to fit the times - think Madonna. While I have never been a big fan (apart from "Like A Prayer" on a jukebox in a bar - watch out),  I absolutely love what she represents from a business/career perspective. Over time - this woman has evolved before our eyes and continues to sell platinum albums and fill stadiums around the world. There are very few A-players at her level, in her game.

Take my current journey. I am venturing into public service alongside my corporate marketing career. In the last five months, I have taught classes for park programs,  spoke in multiple educational settings and was recently elected to a municipal office. This is me - evolving with the times and not out of necessity.

I evolved because that's what A-players do.  I assert that B and C players do it, too but out of necessity and find themselves loving the thrill and rush that A-players crave all the time.  

In these times - many B and C players find the A-player within and never go back.

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