Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome Madison Grace Lightfoot!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

An especially Happy Mother's Day to my friend and former co-worker Monica Lightfoot who welcomed Madison Grace yesterday morning. 

God is always on time.

I say this because last November 7 - I blogged about Monica's loss of her first child, Bryson Alexander Lightfoot. I'd been thinking and praying for her in the last week with the approaching Mother's Day festivities. I knew she was pregnant and due any day. I had just asked God to give her and extra portion of "grace" this weekend. 

He did.

Welcome Madison Grace Lightfoot.


  1. Your friend was already pregnant when she lost her son. This had to be extremely devastating for her. Pregnancy is hard enough without mental anguish, too. A friend of mine delivered her baby on a Monday in 1991 and found out on Tuesday that her father had committed suicide at his home on the Monday while she was giving birth at the hospital. Her father did not know she was in the hospital that day. My friend was devastated for about a year after the tragic event. Also, my friend had lost her mother suddenly from a stroke, 3 months before her wedding. My friend focused on the new born baby and this helped her get through things. She even managed to go on and have 2 more children. Time does heal wounds and you have to move on with strength and hope. Jennifer Hudson is an outstanding example of someone after extreme tragic loss was able to move on. I admire her strength. Happy Mother's Day to all!

  2. Thanks Anonymous - you always seem to chime in with great insight. Of course - I am assuming you are the same Anonymous :)

    Yes - I learned a little bit after her loss of Bryson of the pregnancy. Unbelievable. But to me - the amazing thing is that Madison made her appearance in time for Mother's Day. Let's face it - I am sure it was difficult either way but what joy to be able to hold one of your babies on Mother's Day.

    We lost a baby in 2003 - so I am blessed with the two on earth and and one in heaven.

  3. Congratulations to your friend on her new baby girl a day before Mother's Day! God will give her and everyone the strength and hope to move on.