Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Beauty of the Big Mouth

Throughout my lifetime - I have been told many variations of the same premise...

You are a good communicator

Talking is your specialty, huh?

You are a motor mouth

Oh my, can you talk girl!

You are so expressive

Breathe, Breathe

I've got a big mouth. Literally and figuratively. I see this big mouth as a gift. There are women who pay big $$$ to have the full lips I was born with. There are hundreds of thousands of classes out there on "How to Communicate Effectively" and again, I was born with that gift.

Something I learned long ago and am living out daily... if you use your gifts wisely, you will be blessed.

Today, I assert that the beauty of my big mouth is that it often engages others. Not just for my benefit but for the benefit of all parties.

When you engage people and they get excited - you can accomplish lots.

What are you accomplishing today with your gifts?

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