Monday, June 8, 2009

Making Space To Layout "The Plan"

Is it me or is it always difficult to lay out "The Plan"?

Without question - I have the motivation. Heck, everyday life provides me with nuggets of inspiration/motivation for laying out "The Plan".

I certainly have the ideas. I have never lacked ideas and I don't now.

So what is keeping me from laying out, and subsequently executing "The Plan".



Clearly, I need to rearrange my priorities.

You see - I'm the one in your network/friend group/family - who hates when people blame busyness or lack of time as an excuse to not keep in touch and/or spend time together. You can read between the lines - people. Things and/or people in your life that you repeatedly are 'too busy' to talk to or see are things and/or people who are low on your priority list.

No offense and none taken.

Facebook, email and the internet have allowed us to keep a periferal view of those (and the interests) we care about - and I am NOT knocking that. I certainly use those tools as well.

But for the special and important people/interests - we always make time. Always.

So, the question for me today - how do I truly make space for "The Plan"?

I've made a few weak attempts at making time/space but they have not made a dent.

Today - I assert that I will be making more time for "The Plan." Starting now.

Well - after I get the kids to bed.

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  1. One is never too busy to pursue what they are passionate about. Go girl!