Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Play Until the Whistle Blows

90 minutes and 42 seconds

22 shots/ 10 shots on goal

1 goal

1st place Group C

80 years since that last time the United States won a group in the World Cup.

By now you must have heard and/or seen the outstanding performance of the US Men's National Team in the final game of Group Play in  2010 FIFA World Cup in Pretoria, South Africa.

The business and life implications of this game are clear.

Never mind the competition - do your thang.

England scored early their game being simultaneously played in another South African city and no doubt the score was shown somewhere in the stadium as a constant reminder to this team what they had to do.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

The attack of the US in the final minutes of this game was not that of a desperate team on the verge of elimination but rather the surge of team confident in its ability to deliver the victory.

Ignore the deflated supporters.

The faces and spirit of the fans was clear, they were bracing for disappointment. I have to admit that I'd given up on them and started preparing my tweet  in minute 86. Frustrated and hurt - not wanting be let down miles away in my cube  - I'd started thinking of my second, third and fourth teams to cheer for since my own wasn't going thru.

Play Until the Whistles Blows.

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