Monday, June 7, 2010

What's Old Is New Again - Yet Another Social Media Rant

"Sometimes people say, 'Here is something new!' But actually it is old; nothing is ever truly new"
Ecclesiastes 1:10 New Living Translation Bible

A billboard advertising the A-TEAM movie set to hit theatres this Friday that included the scrumptious Bradley Cooper as Face.

No less than three times a day am I reminded of the old adage "What's Old is New Again."

This is so very true in our 2.0 universe.

Being real. Old.
Building relationships. Old.
Adding value. Old.
Creating connections. Old.
Delight people. Old.
Listening. Old.

Yet, article after article is written on "how to do"  Social Media and it appears that people are missing the point. The 2010 A-Team movie was made to make money - make no mistake. But the other reason it was made in 2010, 23 years after the hit TV series went off the air, is simple: It's a great story. The characters are rich. And there is a whole generation of people who have not been exposed to it.

Same goes for Beverly Hills 90210 or you name the "new" series that's actually old.

So the same goes for Social Media. All the things that companies, organizations, brands - WHATEVER - should be doing off line (see the above list) every day are made easier in our new digital era. The only thing "new" about Social Media is the way it's delivered.

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