Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4 Relationship Lessons From My Bum Right Arm

This post is brought to you courtesy of my left arm and the Dragon Dictation iPhone app.

The illustration shows you what I've been struggling the last 7 days in my right arm.

Dr.'s orders no typing, texting or any repetitive motion with the right arm until he tells me otherwise.


Both physically and mentally with all I have going on in my life.

The extra time has caused me to slow down and re-think how I operate after the initial shock wore off and the reality of limited typing set in.

4 Relationship Lessons have resonated in my head the last week and I wanted to share them with you:

1.  Recognize and act on non-verbal cues

My forearm was in dull pain in the weeks and days leading into its strike but I did little to respond. Often times in our relationships, very clear cues are in our faces - we need to recognize and respond. Immediately, whenever possible.

2.  Don't overwork

Seems simple enough, but we all know it is much easier in theory vs. in life. Take breaks. Delegate. Pace yourself. Ironically, a good friend and mentor sent me an email telling me that about my output of work the day before my arm gave out. Too bad I was busy working so hard that I deleted the email before I finished reading it. Bet you know who was digging in the deleted email folder pecking away with one hand to find that loving and foreshadowing note. Relationships have seasons just like everything else in life. In order to endure, we must not overwork them.

3.  Appreciate and never take anything for granted

Who knew that you need both hands for other stuff too? Like brushing your hair or cleaning the coffee pot to set the timer for your daily caffeine fix? My first thought when my hand gave out mid-spreadsheet was about the two launches I'm currently planning and it never crossed my mind that I would struggle to get ready for work every day. Think about people in your life - especially those with mundane roles (like my right arm). Be sure and show them your appreciation every now and then. They need to know you notice and appreciate their contributions in your life.

4.  Get creative

Clearly when I heal,  there will have to be grand changes to how I accomplish all I have set out to do. The goals before me are not changing. Things are not going to just slow down. Quite the opposite, in fact.  So I put the word out and found the dictation app. My almost nine year old has chipped in with emailing and texting on my behalf for pay. I'll be finding ways to keep my pace without harming my arm - either of them. Stuck in some patterns in your relationships that end up in the same place over and over? Do something different. Reach out to others for ideas. For goodness sake - be creative!

As for me, I head back to the doctor tomorrow for follow-up and I've been obedient to his orders, hoping I'm well and ready. Either way - I am working on my relationship with my right arm. Getting her some relief and possibly some BLING for all her troubles.

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