Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's Your Algonquin Road?

Since Sunday morning, I cannot get the image of a tortoise, similar to the one you see here,  crossing the 4-lane wide busy road we were traveling. I see the cars stopping awkwardly and remember vividly swerving at about 40 mph and looking in my rear view mirror seeing her short legs moving slowly across the road.

Call me crazy but I've actually imagined the last "conversations" she must have had as she took off from the nest to cross Algonquin Road in Sunday am "church rush hour." We're going to call her "Trixie" to make it easier to follow:

Mom: "Trixie, where are you going at this hour?"
Trixie: "I'm not certain but I know it's in that direction."
Mom: "Well, if you don't know for sure you should wait."
Trixie: "No, I need to go now. I love you, mom. See you later."

She takes off, crosses the brush and approaches the empty parking lot of the church that stands to the north of her family's nest area. As she steps onto the pavement, her good friend "Lynn" startles her with a question.

Lynn: "Why are you headed THAT way? You know there are cars over there, right?"
Trixie: "Yes, I know but that's the way I need to go to get where I'm going."
Lynn: "Did you hear about Rachel Raccoon's cousin, who didn't make it cross yesterday?"
Trixie: "I did. Heard something about him scurrying. Sad. I have a plan, don't worry."
Lynn: "Yeah, he was a highway crossing specialist - you're not. Good luck."
Trixie: "Thanks, Lynn. Take care."

Trixie kept on moving.
Car swerved (no humans were harmed in this tale)
Slowly she moved.
Traffic parted and a way was made.
Steady toward the other side.

90 minutes later when we drove by, there was no sign of "Trixie". We drove slower anticipating seeing her barely alive on the other side but we were mistaken. I am certain she made it across Algonquin Road.

She knew what she knew. She believed in her plan. She believed in herself and accomplished her goal. In this case, her relationship with herself trumped what others thought or believed.

I'm channeling "Trixie" today.

What about you?

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