Thursday, August 26, 2010

Authentic Inspiration: Who's Your Maita Vende Ca?

Imagine 1999

Not sure what you were doing, but I was a single gal contemplating a move to Spain. I'd traveled there two times in the previous two years and was convinced a future awaited me there.

It was on my final trip before deciding to move that I bought the above CD - "No Hay Luz Sin Dia" ( There is no light without day/morning) by Maita Vende Ca.

The title song was the hottest song in all of Spain that winter. You could not go anywhere without hearing it. I fell in love with the entire album immediately.

Lately, I've been experiencing some minor setbacks and as a result have lost some momentum on several fronts that I was flying on earlier this summer before my injury.

Nothing that a few hours of Maita Vende Ca can't solve.

You see, for me, Maita Vende Ca represents hope, adventure and tremendous courage. Why? Because at the time I met this music group, I needed all those things to pack up my comfortable life working for the Chicago Fire Major League Soccer team and living in Oak Park to go to Spain.

Whenever I doubted my vision or my direction - I'd fire up Maita Vende Ca and all was well. My heart rate is accelerated and my mind opens up to do what I need to do to arrive wherever I needed to go. That strategy has served me over and over thru the years.

Guess what is newly cued up on the iPhone? Un Punao de Exitos de Maita Vende Ca!

What about you? What do you do to fire yourself up when you need it most?
Take a listen to my favorite song

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