Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Relationships Matter Now

Last week, I attended the Global Leadership Summit hosted by the Willowcreek Association (WCA). Almost 7 days later,  I am still processing all I learned.

Thanks to WCA and you can find summaries at this link.

While all the talks were fantastic,  my personal favorites (with the leaders) were:

Opening Session - "Leaders move people from HERE to THERE" - Bill Hybels
"The Upside of Tension" - Andy Stanley
"What Motivates Us: Not What You Think" - Daniel Pink
The Leader to Leader Video Interview with Jack Welch

Please go check out the summaries to see why.

However, I came away with much more than inspiration, hope and fuel for my leadership (and entrepreneurial) engine. I came away CONVINCED that my path, my life's work, Relationships Matter Now will be a key ingredient to progress on our planet.

3 reasons.

1. Anything good in life start's with a conversation - Daniel Pink

The backbone of the Relationships Matter Now movement is leading the conversation on strengthening relationships. Every day, on our Facebook page, my Twitter stream and soon, on our website - we are talking with folks about how to better their relationships.

2. Every speaker, which included Super Bowl Winning Coach Tony Dungy and dynamite Australian evangelist and fighter of global human trafficking Christine Caine, mentioned relationships in their talks. Some multiple times.

Relationships are critical to anything we want to accomplish in life. Be it as light as to win a championship game or deeply moving as stop human trafficking - we must build and grow our relationships to progress on our planet.

3. The "someone" is me and the time is now.

Will you join me?

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