Thursday, December 23, 2010

Be Fearless

Love how this image captures my view of FEARLESS

This year, the theme of the Willowcreek Community Church Christmas Production - was "Do Not Be Afraid."

The phrase, which is ordered repeatedly throughout the Bible, struck me right in the heart.

Mostly because  it was right on time. No phrase could better send out 2010 for me than “do not be afraid."

Or better stated, BE FEARLESS

Dictionary says fearless is unafraid: oblivious of dangers or perils or calmly resolute in facing them.

The final definition, “calmly resolute in facing them (dangers or perils)” is my favorite.

Holidays have been a work in progress for me all my life. First, shortly before my fifth birthday and the start of the 1976 holiday season–I lost my mom, Betty Jean Jackson. I can't say that that was the defining event in my holiday malaise but it definitely set the tone for my childhood.  Funny,  one of the only photos I have of me and my mom is in front of a Christmas tree.  Second,  birthdays really were made big by my dad in the years he was a single guy. I remember birthdays and gifts from birthdays much more than any holiday. So I spent my 20s trying to make myself happy during the holidays.

All that changed in 2000.  Holiday season 2000 was my first with  sael Barreto who end up being the love of my life.  Holidays seem to bring out the best in him. He was so totally at ease as we spent our first holiday together in Spain far away from all his friends or family.  He was “fearless” as we navigated this new territory as a unit. Then came the Barreto kids, first Emma and then later Evan, and we've been weaving holiday traditions ever since. I can almost say it's my favorite time of year. But it was practically 20 years in the making. I had to convert my "fear" of the holidays and all the emotions they awakened each year to energy to build a new holiday mold.

This year, it's not the "normal holiday perils" that had me with a tinge of fear before seeing the program. It's the upcoming year with the next phase of my adventure as an entrepreneur.

Will my arm recover 100% from the nerve issue that (although repaired surgically in December) kept me one armed for half 2010?

Can I  build my human capital and marketing services company to a size to replace my income by Q3 in 2011?

When will I sign that elusive first contract?

These among many questions have kept me from sleeping soundly the last few weeks. Then I saw the program at Willow. And it was clear.

You see, when you know what you are called to do - just as Mary was, just as I am - you must walk FEARLESSLY into the future trusting that the path you need will rise to meet your feet. You must trust the One who gives you your mission to equip you with what you need to fulfill it. Now, while those questions remain - the tinge of fear that was creeping in is no longer there.

What are you "fearing" as we close this year?

The holiday gatherings?

A troubled marriage?

Financial strain?

A dream crushed?

Take heart and "do not be afraid." For I overcame one big "fear" and am equipped to face the new one.

So can you.

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