Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reconcile Black History to World History & We Can Do Away With The Month!

Black History is all our history as this drawing depicts

The last few years, I've heard, seen and participated in the debate - "Is Black History Month Still Relevant? I've seen the Morgan Freeman clip with Mike Wallace from 60 Minutes a few years back where he says that and I quote "I don't want Black History Month" Many people have used this as the 'smoking gun' for why BHM is no longer relevant. And if you haven't seen it - you should and be sure and read some of the comments below it.

While I love Morgan Freeman, the actor, and I really respect his opinion on the subject - especially the line about not wanting his "history relegated to one month of the year"- I believe Black History Month is needed until we fundamentally reconcile Black History to American History. or World History for that matter. Same can be said for Hispanic History Month that spans Sept and October.

I am fascinated at the thought of revamping all history books to include a full account of all the contributions of all people to the world we know today. It would be an expensive task but worth every cent. And can you imagine the impact?

Actually acknowledging the colonization of African empires in Africa by Europen nations and connecting that to the modern day Africa and it's challenges. It would make it a lot less easy to turn our collective heads and wish "they'd get it together" on that continent.

Reconciling our relationship with our collective past as a whole is the only way to ensure we can forge into the future with a unified hope to keep the world progressing forward in a peaceful manner.

We celebrate Black History Month and Hispanic History Month every month in our house and do our best to spread that into our community. But until we see that done, by everyone - we will continue to "turn up the volume" every February.

Morgan Freeman 60 Minutes Clip - check it out!

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