Monday, April 7, 2014

Why Entrepreneurship Killed My March Madness

Without office mates - I'm.Left.Out
For the third consecutive year,  we have arrived at the NCAA Championship game and I barely know what's going on.

Now, it's not because of the classic reasons you might think.  I did not miss the hoops hoopla because I went to a loser university that does not make it to the tourney or because none of my favorite teams to cheer for fell short. Certainly, I could have found a team to root for without being an obnoxious bandwagoneer.

It's also not because I resent watching NCAA basketball now because of that unfortunate fact of my distance from that age and I think it's sort of creepy to say how cute the point guard from UConn is when you realize he really could be your kid. Nah. That's not why I'm clueless again - I look at young NBA players and feel the same.

And finally, it is not because I was insanely busy this March with my highest revenue month since I started my business. With games on in every airport I traveled in as well as our ability to get scores or stream games on every mobile device we carry, I COULD have tuned in.

The fact of the matter is... entrepreneurship has killed my March Madness.

Yeah, I said it. And yeah, I'm bitter.

Without an office pool to lose or co-workers to tease my bracket choices, March Madness is just no fun.

You see, the first year you leave - every one remembers to send you the bracket. You participate but not with the same level of enthusiasm. No one walks by your desk and teases your selection of that Big Ten team who is ranked #1 in their region to make the Final Four.

You miss the gathering by the microwave where you all make fun of the one gal who picks her teams based on her favorite jersey colors or vacation spots. You never have the chance to laugh in the face of the arrogant guy whose bracket is wrecked after the first weekend.  You never get the chance to live vicariously through the life of the friend whose alma mater makes it all the way to the Final Four, again - Duke, Kentucky Kansas or any of the other usual suspects.. You never have the chance to miss the cool parties all the single or radically committed folks go to over the course of the three tourney weekends.

Being an entrepreneur means you lose all true vested interest the annual March ritual. And while I love everything else that has come with my entrepreneurship the last three years....

Increased flexibility

Variety of work that I choose

Complete control of my income potential

Ability to use my best talents EVERY SINGLE DAY

I  DO miss the chance to play a bracket and have fun with a bunch of co-workers.

Do you guys miss me?

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