Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Make Space For Rest

Whether we like it or not, summertime brings a natural productivity slow down. And while many of us, hard driving, Type-A personalities wrestle with it, it is important for every human  to make space for rest.

Here a three things you can do to facilitate a restful moment soon:

Take Stock

It is the the mid-point of 2014 and a good time to stop and reflect on what's occurred so far this year. Take time to write down some of the best accomplishments you've had to date this year. Rest is always easier when you have a good handle on "where you are" in relation to where you want to be.  Reflect with a friend or colleague on how you're feeling about the year so far and take note of the areas you want to see improvement.

Plan Next Move

Just like reflecting, taking a moment to lay out what you want to do next is very helpful for ensuring full rest. It is hard to unplug, unwind when you have pending thoughts, ideas or actions floating around in your head. Similar to taking stock, laying out options or intentions help solidify the ability to relax completely. Make a few calls, send a few emails - not looking for replies but really emptying your head and heart of outstanding actions.

Be Real

If you cannot take a real vacation, please don't call your time away from work a vacation. We cannot fool our bodies nor our spirits by calling time away something that it is clearly not. I learned this a few years back. We have family visits out of the country every year. They are in Mexico and they are fun. But they are not a vacation; at least not in my mind's eye. Be sure and be real with yourself. If your annual camping trip is not truly a rest and respite for you, don't call it a vacation. Call it what it is. Being real is the most important rule for getting true rest and alignment.

Whatever you do this summer, make sure you actually make space for rest. It can be as simple as taking a few days off and just doing nothing. Or take time to do something that actually soothes your soul. All living things need rest and we must be intentional to give ourselves the rest we need, when we need.

May you get some rest this summer.

I know I will.

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  1. I'm resting right now and enjoyin' every minute of it.