Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Where Have You Seen God Lately?

On a Sunday afternoon, in the small remote town of Zacualpan de Amilpas in the State of Morelos, Mexico, we had an encounter with God.

It was quiet and the surroundings very still as we were in a cemetery. Just my husband and our two kids seeking out a memorial, we'd encountered with a bigger group over 4 years prior to our own adventure.

We paced together and separately seeking out the location of my father-in-law's final resting place. Since 4 out of 5 people buried in this municipal cemetery share the same last name as my husband, it was frustrating, at best and downright heartwrenching, at worst.

At one point, I pleaded with God, out loud to help us find the spot. My 12 year old enlisted God and the spirit of a woman with the last name Barreto and first name Maria buried in a large and highly adorned plot on the main walkway. My husband said nothing but scanned each plot in the cemetery many more times than we did.

Finally, we decided to leave our flowers on an empty wooden cross that resembled the one that marked his father's spot many years ago. As we gathered, you could sense the sadness and doubt about our selected location. We turned over a plastic vase to put our flowers in and it stated, "Familia Barreto." We all smirked since almost everyone buried here belonged to that same "family." We cleared a spot and placed our large floral arrangement in the center of the memorial plot in front of the empty cross.

As a family, we locked arms and held one another in silence as we all stared at the flowers and faded cross. I decided against trying to pray out loud as both kids were weeping softly. I just asked God to be with us in this moment.

And then He appeared.

A beautiful red-beaked hummingbird flitted into our view and purposely swooped in to nibble on the nectar of our flowers. It was gorgeous, deliberate and almost in slow motion.

We stood in awe and relief.

We know for sure that we were in the right place to honor the life of Ezekiel Barreto.

Sometimes people look for thunder or lightening.

Others want grand revelations.

I know from experience, the best way to experience God is just as we did that afternoon in Mexico.

Clearly call Him.

Be earnest in your invitation.

Wait in stillness and faith.

He will show up.

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