Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Week - New Era

This Sunday morning I wake up in a new era of my career. I am officially a motivational speaker and teacher.

Last week - I started the week as a corporate marketer with a ton of plans, dreams and aspirations of bigger, better things.

What a difference a week makes? I even feel different. Let me catch you up on things....

I started this blog in late October, in preparation of my new career. At the time - I'd started down a path to schedule one motivational talk within six weeks. Well I made two calls that week and tentatively scheduled FOUR TALKS. All different audiences but a very common similarity - people who could possibly be touched by my knowledge and my gift. No solid dates were booked and no outlines were written. One of the talks was a class I dreamed up for our park district in an effort to reach the busy adults in our community that spend 98% of their time "developing" their offspring through activity. Honestly - I had no idea where all this would net out. I am an eternal optimist and knew that a positive outcome was in store but no one could have told me that this transformation week would come less than two months into my quest.

This past week - SEVEN WEEKS from when I decided to pursue my new career - I had my first motivational talk. The same day - I got home and the  2009 Winter/Spring Activities Brochure from the Lake in the Hills Park District Parks and Recreation was in my mailbox with my class on page 27.

Tuesday night I spoke at my alma mater, Judson University to a group of sophomore young ladies about integrating your faith into your daily life - "Living What You Believe" - was the title.  My class for LITH is called "Expert You! - Discover Your Inner Passion and Put It To Work Today!" I am speaking to a group of McHenry County moms the third week in January.

Did I mention that I am also running for an elected Trustee position for my village? The other thing that happened this week to confirm the transformation was the fact that at an event for my daughter - a fellow mom - introduced me to someone not only as Emma's mom but as a candidate for Village Trustee.

All my thoughts, day dreams and planning are bearing fruit and much sooner than I'd expected. 

The message to you today? - Go get it! Whatever "IT " is  - go and start doing "IT" today! 

I'd been in planning mode for my future career since the spring and really had no progress other than some notes in lots of places. It was not until I made the first call in late October did it become a reality.

You will be surprised at what just a few steps (even baby ones) in the direction you want will deliver towards your goals.

I am and continue to be... join me on the journey!


  1. I definitely understand the "being in planning mode" and it not seeming real until the first big step is taken. I've been working on the new soccer club in theory since the middle of March, but it won't really take flight until I make that first trip to Milwaukee this winter and meet with people/vendors about putting it into action.

  2. Who are you kidding? You have been in planning mode for your future career for all 11 years I have known you (and my guess is it started long before I came around) Glad to hear that all is well.