Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Authentic Reflection - Adios 2008!

Tonight, as we close the door on 2008 - I can honestly say, as challenging as it was, this has been a phenomenal year for me. There were many triumphs and many more tears but through it all... I would not change a thing.

Let me quickly recap the high and low lights of 2008 for me personally - I'll leave something to your imagination and not point out which were highs and which were lows.

1. Started the year leaving a job that I'd outgrown without the safety net of another job

2. Started a new job in April

3. Abruptly stopped constant travel in April after 5 straight years

4. Discovered that my marriage had hit a major roadblock when I was most attentive to it in the late summer

5. Enjoyed a 7-day Mexican Riviera Disney Cruise vacation the week after my discovery

6. Learned what it REALLY means to rely on the Lord for your very next breath this fall

7. Met a wonderful warrior princess simply asking my church for prayer via the website

8. Touched the surface of unbearable pain through the loss of a child via a co-worker and I was torn up for days - weeks. Cannot imagine what she does...

9. Went totally unaffected (ok yeah my 401K died like everyone else's) by the economic crisis due to our downsizing and path to debt free living we chose almost 18 months ago (Thanks Dave Ramsey) - we had no changes in our lifestyle and we are blessed!

10. Realized my true values and put myself on a path to honor them daily

11. Started this blog and have touched at least two lives positively in the last few months - making one of them a friend..

12. Engaged an executive/ life coach

13. Scheduled and conducted a motivational talk

14. Declared myself a candidate for local public office

15. Started a couples program with my husband and a wonderful counselor

16. Intensively studied the lives of Jesus (simultaneously as I ran into number 4 - what an amazing lesson in grace that I could immediately use) and King David.

Wow - that was quite a year. Through it all - I would not change a thing! In fact - I am thankful for each and every item on the list.

I grew tremendously this year - personally, professionally and most of all spiritually.

Adios 2008. I can't wait to start 2009.

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