Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Authentic Focus

Once again, I have faced an exhausting,  trying week thinking FOR SURE this was Friday when I got home and sat still for more than 1 minute today. Alas,  it is only Wednesday. Just as I was about to start tearing up and throwing a tantrum (the family is downstairs - don't worry) - I got a quick vision.


I am in a race - not a sprint but a "decathlon".

There are many facets to this race - a variety of smaller events that culminate to the prize.

When I start to burn out (which I seem to be doing now sooner and sooner in the week), I stop and focus.

When I FOCUS, it slows me down.

I get to enjoy each event that comprises this "decathlon" I am in.

I cherish my children's voices - and let go of the anxiety of the request.

I look deeply into my husband's eyes and see his heart - not the 'thing' he isn't doing for me.

I see the pending piano lesson as a gift - not another chore to be done.

I see the email questionnaire from the local paper as an opportunity to share my views vs.  a task within a really short window of time to deliver.

I self-reflect on my incredible journey - the triumphs, the heartaches but most of all the outcome.

Focus is the opposite of glance.  Don't glance at your life - focus or you may miss something.

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