Friday, February 6, 2009

Got Vision?

It is the 6th day of February and I have not blogged in over a week.

I don't have a profound excuse... I am just

running for public office  - pricing yard signs, writing my materials, strategizing my campaign etc

preparing for a speaking engagement at a middle school over 250 miles away next week

basking in the glow of my first published book review online 
(peep it @

praying about a TOP SECRET project to which I am considering lending my talent 

oh yeah - then, there is my full-time job as a marketer and a wife and mom of two.

A friend asked me today - Where do you get the energy to do this?

It is simple. It is my long term vision that keeps me going. Where I want to be - not where I am today. Period. End of Story.

Do you have a long term vision to get you through?


  1. My long-term vision for what I want to see happen in my community through the combination of soccer and philanthropy/community service is what drives me to press onward when it seems like I am spinning my wheels on a given day.

  2. M. Denise, you go girl! I am impressed with your pursuits and future vision. We need more women and men like you in the world. My long term vision is growing old gracefully and healthfully and taking as much time as possible to smell the roses along the way! : )

  3. Hometown SC - kudos for your recent progress on your long term vision. Thanks for tuning in.

    soccermom - great to see you back. I LOVE your long term vision - that will be mine too. Someday. Thanks for checking me out again.