Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Character Building or Character Shaping - Either way it hurts!

This has been one of those days.

You know the day I'm speaking of, days where no matter what you say - you're wrong, stupid or making excuses

A day when your normally brilliant idea-factory brain says "ENOUGH" and goes numb 

Day Six of my husband's 8 day trip and I am tired of doing everything, yet - kids gotta eat, piano lessons, homework, baths - yeah, life goes on. 

A day when you get a call piling on to the already very expensive car repair - "what's another $120 when you're spending $3200 on the repair?" 

A few minutes ago I just wanted to crawl into bed and go to sleep and act like today did not happen. Scrap it. Let's start over.

That's when I remembered something my Dad used to say to me often in college as I faced challenge after challenge with my car, paying the tuition bill or trying to cram too many classes in a semester so I could graduate on time and on budget.

He'd always say, "Denise - this will build your character, honey. Don't fight it." That used to make me soooooo mad. There was a time period when I'd say I had character oozing from all parts due to my "opportunities" in life.

Tonight - another theory comes to mind. It occurred to me the other day that some of us are challenged with ultra complex situations repeatedly in life because it's in our best interests or will build muscles we need to use in other areas of our lives. In that regard - I see it as character shaping vs. building as it constantly evolves over time with the specific needs we have as people. 

Of course, I have "light duty" seasons in life but I must say I've had many more challenging seasons than "light duty" ones.

This seems like a challenging season that I can see will give way to something marvelous.

It's all in how I choose to face it.

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  1. You know Denise, I feel your "pain". We are going through some exceptionally challenging times with some health issues on my husband's plate, some bad economy issues and then the pink slip issue that showed it's ugly head.

    To reflect that this is building the muscles we will need to use at a later date is a great way to look at these rough patches. Or it perhaps is the fiber of lessons we need to learn. Either way, it certainly make us appreciate the sunny days and life's blessing much more.

    Thank you for your rich outlook on those tough spells that come along in life. Hang in there girlfriend - this too shall pass, so grab the nuggets before they are gone! Thinkin' of you!