Saturday, March 14, 2009

Authentic Exhilaration! -Part Two

This past week, I taught a class called Expert You - Discovering and Putting Your Passions To Work For You Today  to a wonderfully diverse group of women that make me want to add to my post from Feb 13. Then, I'd just spoken to middle school kids who were inquisitive, genuine and eager to put the  principles that I spoke about in practice.


My class Tuesday was exactly the same... only they were adults.. a few semi-retired. It was extremely interactive and introspective in a way that the middle school program was not. First, because there were only 10 of us for 1.5 hours total vs four 45 minute assemblies with 80 + middle schoolers. Second and probably most importantly,  because kids don't yet have the depth or experience as my partners in learning did Tuesday night. Additionally - it is equally if not MORE exhilarating to see light bulbs go off in adult eyes. You know that you have been relevant when a room of people from all kinds of backgrounds and paths come to the same conclusion - " I can take something from this and apply it to my life." No one said that but it was implied in the smiles and overtures to keep in touch.

On Feb 13 - I declared, "I've found my calling..."

Today on March 14 - my message has not changed but I would say that it is altered. 

Teaching and impacting people of all ages positively is my calling. 

What a journey.

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