Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Want Good Things In Your Life? Make Way!

If you want good things in your life - you had better make sure the path into your life is clean enough for the good things to enter.

We had part one of our annual spring family shopping trip this past Sunday. When we got home, I looked at my daughter's room and quickly told her - we need to have a cleaning session before we move any of the new clothes into her room. She was sour-faced but agreed that there was "no place" for the new clothes with all the winter clothes and clothes that she is sure to grow out of any day.

That got me to thinking.

Anything in life that we anticipate...

A new love

Renewed love with the one we are with

A new job or career path

Losing the last 20 lbs

Reconciliation with that estranged love one

Better relationship(s) with FILL-IN-THE-BLANK

Anything we anticipate - we must clean the path and make room in our life for the "new".

With that nugget, I need to go and start making a new path for a few of the things on my current list.

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