Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Authentic Validation - Part One

In my young political life - I have been warned of  the "endorsement".

I have been told that it "does not mean anything."

So as I am barreling towards my first election day in less than two weeks - I was not at all looking for endorsements (or any press for that matter)  and had wiped them completely out of my mind.

Then last night during my periodic "Google" of my own name - I came across this.

I am humbled and validated all at once.

The true validation will come from the voters on April 7 but I cannot deny that I feel a bit validated now. Someone heard me. Someone "got" what I've been trying to say since November.

A political campaign is about your message. It's about your constituents - those you desire to serve. It's about making an impact in the most basic of ways - persuading others to trust you with their voice - their vote.

I've always read endorsements in the past and never really looked at them as dealbreakers on candidates I supported or were against. Endorsements either validate your choice or give you a reason to further your position in the opposite direction.

Today - this endorsement from the Daily Herald only deepens my drive to win. It fuels me to do more work in the final days to get the message out and earn a chance to serve.

I look forward to writing Part Two.

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