Monday, October 19, 2009

Well... What is the barrier?

Interestingly enough - today, I asked someone I care about this very question. It started very innocently and yielded itself into the title of this blog.

What did they really want to do with themselves?

Pretty concise answer. No hesistation

I would venture to say no less than 50% of my network know exactly what they want to be doing.

Well, what is the barrier?


In the uncomfortable quiet - it occurred to me that I need to ask myself this same question.

What is my barrier to what I want?

Is it real or imagined?

I am one year into my journey... in fact, it's later this week I will celebrate the anniversary of the start of my blog and 80 posts later - much progress has been made.

I've narrowed my focus for my ultimate dream. Still not sharing completely to the world yet. Soon enough.

I've led workshops, spoke at schools and conferences - all without much proactivity on my part.

I've won elected office and serve my village.

With all the progress - as I probed this friend - I found myself faced with answering the question for me.

I don't have the complete answer.

Of course I have the standard, pat - bad economy - no crazy moves, yadda yadda yadda.

So this week, I will seek the answer to my own question for me. I found the image above to represent my "wall or barrier" Why? Because I can see around it. I could possibly scale it with the right equipment. It is not insurmountable to me. Now I will tackle it.

What about you?

What is keeping you from your dream?

What is the barrier?

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