Monday, March 7, 2011

Health CARE As It Should Be

Recently, I had my yearly check up with my women's health primary care doctor and I noticed something I had not taken time to notice before; she is absolutely amazing.

From the time she walks in the room, you feel her warmth.

She looks you in the eyes for 100% of the conversation. Only pauses briefly to take notes - it is not her primary purpose - the note-taking on the tablet. Her primary purpose is to get caught up on the last year since we last spoke.

There is no rushing. No pregnant pauses. No lectures.

Just plain and simple relationship building. And it is two ways.

How else would I know that she and her boys have the same gaming consoles as we do?

How would I even know she has two boys?

How would I know that her family loves going to Mexico on vacation or that they are headed to the Dominican Republic this year instead?

I don't even know how we transition to The Most Uncomfortable 90 Seconds of My Year (every year) but as smooth as she is at setting the tone - the time flies and we are wrapping up with a few last notes on what to do in the year to come.

This year, I walked out of her office so impressed. So amazed.

Since our last meeting, I have had many more health care encounters than normal with my Arm(maggedon) surgery and recovery. And I can honestly say - all my other interactions were more like transactions than health "care".

The key word in the whole health care industry is "care".

Dr. Cheryl Paradis gets it. And for that I am eternally grateful.

How many Americans can say they have a Doctor that truly "cares" for them?

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