Thursday, January 1, 2009

My 2009 Objectives

Resolutions are sooo not my thing.

Not sure why, but long ago I decided to never make new year's resolutions. It seems to me like resolutions lacked the plan to make them happen.

Dictionary says resolution is "the act or process of resolving" or "the act of determining"

Instead, I've made objectives each year.

Dictionary says objective is "something toward which effort is directed; an aim, goal or end of action"

That is more like for me - while the "plan" isn't necessarily spelled out - just by definition, there is much more action in objectives versus resolutions.

So my objectives for 2009 are big...

1. Take time off work to just hang with my kids - not travel related time, just plain ole at home time with my babies

2. Set and keep a date night with my husband every month. We've done this off and on over the years but he does not think it's that important - someone call this man for me.

3. Do Emma and my nails more often - even if it means outsourcing the work

4. Win my municpal election for Lake in the Hills Village Trustee Board

5. Book my first regional/national conference speaking or facilitating engagement.

6. Finish writing my first book and have it manuscript ready by end of 2009. (I have many outlines and ideas and more than one book in my head. That is why I added "manuscript ready" - I want the book in an actionable form before 2010)

7. Hire a new cleaning lady. The final quarter of the year, I'd taken this on since I don't travel for work anymore thinking I'd get some satisfaction out of cleaning my own house. Yeah - that lasted two months and by now, I can't even keep it up. I am certain this service is better outsourced for our family

8. Do one Beth Moore bible study a quarter. I did this for the last half of 2008 and it must be done every quarter in 2009. Her writing style and technique for challenging the reader to dig and understand the Word is amazing and really helped in 2008 with my challenges.

9. Teach my kids to ride their bikes as soon as it thaws and ride my bike with them regularly (this must be once a week). I know - bad Mom - Emma is 7 going on 8 and not all that confident with bike riding and Evan is 3 so I have a chance to redeem myself with him and her this spring. Plus - I could use the exercise.

Man - just looking at that list make me want to go back to bed.

But I won't. I actually need to get started on the list.....


  1. I love it, Denise! When I find out that people have objectives rather than one lazy resolution, like me, I feel kind of bad. Maybe my resolution is take my resolutions more seriously in 2010.