Monday, April 2, 2012

3 Reasons Life Is Like Baseball Season In Chicago

It's that time again!

Oh how I love the start of baseball season in Chicago! Having lived only 5 years outside Chicagoland in my whole 40 on earth, the run up to opening day here is like no other.

I was reflecting this morning 3 reasons life is like baseball season in Chicago:


Every spring brings new hope for all the baseball fans in Chicago. Could this be the year? It almost never is but that does not keep us from dreaming. Hope is what makes the season start worth watching. It is a promise that possibly something good is going to happen. And even when it turns out bad, we still get a new start the next spring. Life is the same. You have the opportunity to hope for the best and make a new start whenever you wish. And that makes life better than baseball season in my favorite town.


Here in Chicago, you must pick a baseball team and it matters who you pick. To whom are you loyal? While in Chicago it's an age old rivalry of north side vs. south side, it is also a reflection of who you are. I won't go into the north side values but I can say this; south siders are hard workers, scrappy and often underestimated in this town. We turn up in the most surprising places and when we bump into one another outside the south side- look out. Instant friend. Ask Bill Kiss. Our loyalties in life permeate our being - consciously or unconsciously. Mind your loyalties. Wise people do.


Thank God baseball season is only from April to October. Not sure I even like that long of a season but there is a a definite time frame for America's pass time. A beginning that we all anticipate and the end that can be triumphant like in the fall of 2005; or it can be disappointing like so many other years. Seasons have their ups and downs. I could go on and on. And life is no different. You get those triumphant times where all goes your way or you get the dragging, excruciating valleys in life. Either way - you know the seasons are going to come to an end. The key is keeping the perspective that life comes in seasons and knowing how to deal with each season as it comes.

Here's to the start of baseball where ever you are in America or the world. What are you observations about life and the season of your favorite sport?


  1. Well done, great parallels!! Although, should I be offended that you may be insinuating something about the north side lovers? Or should I not care, because who would believe that I gave a rip about sports!!!!!!!!!

  2. Funny. No offense intended...I am not really sure how folks identify on the the North Side other than our stereotypes which I will not spread thank you very much.

    Sports are good for us - give a rip!