Monday, April 30, 2012

Perspective: What You See Is Up To You

One issue after another comes our way. We can see the issue or see the opportunity. Sort of like the illustration above.

What keeps us from just throwing our hands up and giving up the ghost? What makes us see a man's face versus a woman in a dress near a tree?


Today, I am challenging everyone to stop and take a look at whatever is going on in your life and try to look at it from a different angle.

Turn it upside down - see anything?

Lift yourself from it - look down at it - any change?

Throw it out in front of you - how does it look now?

Toss it over your shoulder and look back at it - still perplexing?

While this may seem like gibberish, this is exactly what I do when faced with a challenge or problem.

Sometimes, perspective tells me it is completely out of my control - the actual issue, but I own how I deal with it. Other times, looking at it from another angle produces another path to resolution that I can drive. Most of the time, I just stop looking at it all together.

Yep. Perspective gives us the freedom to let go all together.

I've read somewhere that letting go of one thing, frees you up to grab something else.

So today, ask yourself - what should I be tossing around to see from different angles?

Dead end job?

Toxic friend or family member?

Irrational fear about anything?

Whatever it is, give yourself the freedom to change your perspective and find a new path.

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