Monday, April 23, 2012

Don't Be The Corner House

We live in the corner house on our street. 

A corner that intersects a main through street with a quiet side street. Alexandria Drive. The above picture is an example of lost stuff that ends up in our yard after a particularly windy morning when it's garbage and yard waste pick up day in our neighborhood.

This abandoned can is the last remnant of the most recent wind tunnel day in Chicagoland. Most often owners come looking for their stuff so within a day or two, we are back to our normal amount of garbage cans and recycling bins.

This one is still unclaimed after almost two full weeks. We've put it in a visible spot along with the other stuff so that hopefully it's owner will miss it and come claim it. Yet it is still with us.

I could also show you a picture of the side of our house which has become sort of a grave yard for crap that blows through the neighborhood and ends up on our property. I'll spare you. But I won't spare you this question?

Are you the "corner house" in your relationships?

You know, the place where stuff blows through but never really takes up residence; or the place where stuff accumulates but never truly purged. The corner house is also a refuge for unwanted stuff that people don't take the time to rid themselves of until Mother Nature does it for them.

I was thinking the other day it is reasonable for us to keep the cans/bins for a few days or even a week but after that, we need to rid ourselves of the junk. It is not attractive to our house and it adds to clutter that we already have on our own.

Additionally, I feel weighed down with a bunch of stuff that does not belong to me. Heck-  we've got our hands full keeping up with our own 3 cans, 1 yard waste and 1 recycling bin - only three of which we actually bought or were given. We already have two extra cans to keep up with due to the corner house status. Further, whenever there is a storm and our stuff blows away - I am on the hunt for it. I drive up and down the street looking for our cans to claim from some one's yard - thinking how annoying it is to have stray cans blowing around your yard and you have no idea where they belong.

I am resolving to clean up the yard this spring. Not delegating it to my husband but me getting out there and getting rid of stuff outside our house that no longer serves us.

Will you do the same in your relationships this spring? Do a quick gut check on the personal, professional and intimate relationships in your life. 

Are you hanging on to relationships even though they no longer serve you nor you serve them? Is there a relationships that CLEARLY needs purging from your life that you just allow space you can't afford in your heart to linger?  Have you allowed yourself to be a dumping ground for things people no longer want to deal with in their own lives? Is there a client that needs firing because they are sucking the life from you and your ability to serve your other clients?

If you answered yes or even maybe to any of these questions - resolve to take action today.

Don't be the corner house.

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