Saturday, January 24, 2009

Authentically Good Day

You know it is a good day for you when...

you ask God to take your anxiety away and he quickly does

you get a prime parking spot everywhere you go, no matter how many stops.

you get to pay $20 for a designer dress that was once marked $118 or buy snowsuits for $18.99 that 8 weeks ago were marked $69.99

you get to play Wii with your favorite people 

you have fries and an Egg Nog shake at the end of January (almost as good as a gingerbread latte on this date) 

you stay up super late and still feel like getting up for the am basketball game

your gadget is not lost and it syncs up quickly

you have a deliciously good time with the one you love on a whim

I am not sure what could be better.  Any ideas?

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