Friday, January 16, 2009

Inauguration Alternative

Since late night November 4, I have been scheming to figure out how I can attend the historic inauguration next Tuesday January 20. I started thinking of my good friend who lives in N. VA. (you know who you are, clue: LoungeLizard) and has offered to house me and family many times.

I priced flights, looked at the time off in relation to my other vacations I want this year and all in all - it was on!

Six short days later - it was off.

I wanted to be there to witness history.

I wanted to be there with others celebrating the glorious day.

I wanted to bask in triumph as I contributed (on a very small scale) with money and canvassing 

I wanted to bring my kids, especially my little boy Evan to watch this mixed race man (my kids call themselves Blaxicans - Black and Mexican - I am not making this up) take the highest position in the land.

I wanted to honor President Barack Obama and Dr. King by making the trip as family and enjoying this as a first step to many more triumphs toward fulfilling Dr. King's dream.

But alas, we are not going.

I will honor President Obama and Dr. King  a different way next week.

On Monday Jan 19, I will file my paperwork to become a candidate for one of the Village Board Trustees vacancies in Lake in the Hills, IL. 

I will bring my kids with me to the office to see their mom get on the ballot.

I will remind them that local government is where it all starts. 

I will show them by my example that we make things better by stepping up and stepping out to serve our community. 

Not everyone can or wants to run for political office but we can all serve our community. 

If you are going to the festivities in Washington next week - good for you. You will be showing support and in many cases I am sure,  great sacrifice to be there. 

For those of us who are not going but want to contribute another way, give yourself the challenge to use the Inauguration 2009 as a kickoff to your heightened awareness of what you can contribute to your own community. Volunteer to coach kids at the Park District. Tutor a young student at a local school.  Join an Adopt-A-Street movement in your area. Run for office. Join the PTA. 

Let's not just watch history next week. Let's make some.

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  1. Your energy and enthusiasm for the Inauguration 2009 is contagious; you rock! :}