Monday, January 5, 2009

Inspiration Services - My New Industry

In the last few days since posting my objectives for 2009, I've had many folks ask me what I am focusing on.

Is it going to be marketing?

Politics? (you are running for public office)


Work/Life Balance for working moms?

Faith in the workplace?

Personal Branding?

I love my network because I had some connections go so far as to tell me that they think I'm biting off too much and that my "lack of focus" may cost me. It's interesting because I was not doing anything for many months last year trying to decide where to focus my energy. I blogged proudly about my lack of focus in November.

As much as that felt and sounded good then - I must admit that it was a bit contradictory to the way I normally operate with a plan. Honestly,  until I had a string of days off to truly devote to concentrating, I would list the many things that I was focused on when asked, when all along I just needed time to name my new industry. After five full days off and lots of sleep, it rolled off my tongue... Inspiration Services.

Without question - this is my gift. I have an ability challenge people in a non-threatening way and inspire them to be better.

Better marketers

Better leaders

Better women, better moms

And all my motivational talks - my park district class have all centered around inspiring people to do something differently than they are doing today.

So - for those of you who wonder what I am focused on - it's Inspiration Services - inspiring everyday people to do extraordinary things.

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