Sunday, November 16, 2008

Authentic Appreciation

On this blessed day - my 37th birthday (exclusive scoop as I only reference anniversaries to my 29th birthday) I am reflecting on the things I appreciate:

I appreciate the very breath I am breathing today.

I appreciate my fabulous family:

Isael - my loving, funny, intelligent husband who's had a rough year but is stepping up to the challenge of taking our marriage to the next level. 

Emma - my first born - delicate little lady who inspires me to be pretty - the best shopping partner EVER, sensitive, tender-hearted doll whom I enjoy more everyday.

Evan - my rebellious, witty, adventurous little boy who loves to punch me as much as he  loves to kiss me who is the glue that keeps our family together

I appreciate the brains, talent and strong will that God gave me that will propel me in the coming year (tune in - I know that this will be a big year!)

I appreciate all the wonderful supporters in all areas of my life - you know who you are and there are too many to name here - I appreciate you all!

I appreciate the close set of friends I have - you have SO been there for me -  some for 18 + years and some only becoming close since 2008 started - regardless - you rock!!

I appreciate this great nation I live in.

I appreciate the freedom to start my own gig.

I appreciate the opportunity to run for public office.

I appreciate the fact that I have this forum to express.

Thanks for tuning in!

1 comment:

  1. Denise, this blog is like a journal of your own personal and spiritual growth.
    It is honest, thoughtful, and full of insight.

    You are AUTHENTIC. I look forward to more entries.

    Marsha Andrews