Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Authentic Belief

Everyday we live - we all make choices about what we believe.  In those times when we think we are not making a choice, we are especially making choices.

Today - I ask you to choose wisely.

Do you believe in a Higher Power?

Do you believe in yourself? Your abilities and skills? Are you making choices that affirm your beliefs as it relates to your job or career?

Do you believe in the brands you align yourself with on a daily, hourly basis?

In my constant effort to challenge myself to be my best - every day - I thoughtfully choose to align myself with my beliefs as much as possible. Do I succeed every time? Not even close. 

However - I've found that acknowledging and honoring my beliefs is a daily exercise. It is second nature to me now and I am succeeding in the long term proposition.

How are you doing?

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