Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Authentic Contemplation

Of course this post is going to seem manufactured but bear with me.

I am exploring an opportunity to run for local office here in Lake in the Hills, IL. 

This journey started many years ago in high school when I was fascinated with politics. Student government was in my blood throughout high school and college. As an adult - first, I worked on the late John Stroger's first campaign for Cook County board in 1993/4. He won. Then I worked on John Nordquist's mayoral re-election campaign when I lived in Milwaukee in the mid 90s. He won and I was hooked.

Local politics has always captivated me. This year it took a much more personal tone. A local LITH village trustee decided to challenge the McHenry County board incumbents who had run UNOPPOSED for the last 20-30 years. She invited me to a fundraiser in Feb at her house and I really felt that I'd connected with her and we kept in touch. In September, she called me to canvass door-to-door with her. I did it for four weekends and at the tail end of one of our joint outings - the candidate's husband Mike said to me. "You're a natural at this and now you've introduced yourself to everyone in the neighborhood. If Paula wins - you should think about running for her seat on the village board"

I laughed and said I'd consider it.

Well - Paula Yensen won a seat on the county board last night and pledged her support to me if I truly want to run.

Public service is so much apart of me. Funny - I have practically been begging God to reveal to me where I can best leverage my talents and I started this blog and moved down a path to motivational speaking. Could this be the answer?

It certainly honors three of my most cherished values - recognition (your friends and neighbors voting for you is the ultimate recognition) - compassion for others (it is truly a sacrifice to put yourself out there and you must really love your community, village city , COUNTRY to go in to public service) and pioneering/trailblazing (the challenge to manage a city, state etc.etc is constantly changing and in need of new and innovative ideas and people with the resilience to lead)

Now - the day after Barack Obama has accomplished something many thought they'd never see - this may  seems manufactured. It is not. In honor of the spirit by which I started this blog - it is an authentic part of me and just as I SO HAPPENED to meet LL Cool J the day after I started the blog - the candidate I helped propel into office offered her full support of my candidacy to replace her on our city board.

There are no coincidences in life. Only God's plan for us that was written before we were born.

I am in authentic contemplation. The election is in early March and deadlines are looming.

I'll keep you posted on my decision. 

I told you this would be a journey. 

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  1. Wow, Denise! That's awesome. I can't wait to follow the journey you're on! I'll be watching.

    And, yay for the new blog!