Friday, November 7, 2008

Hope in the midst of devastation: In Honor of Bryson Alexander Lightfoot

Today - I got news that rocked my world. A former co-worker and friend's three year old son suddenly passed away on Wednesday night.

This reverberated with me all day. You see my son Evan is the exact same age and was in a class that recessed with little Bryson's class. I could not stop myself from crying at the thought of his little face smiling at me daily as we passed one another on the way in and out of the Sears Child Development Center.  I thought of his mom, Monica who sat next to me and helped me laugh at every Tuesday's  buyer meeting from March until she left us to pursue unknown adventures in Sept. I thought of the last thing I said to her before she left - "I'm going to miss you but this is not goodbye. We will get the boys together when you come to town to move home." "You got it" she agreed.

Well since she asked that we not call her during this time, I want to send her this message in case she stumbles upon this on one of the nights in the future when she can't sleep or think of anything except her little cherub.

Monica,  I love you and ache for you now. Although I cannot even imagine the pain that must be piercing your heart at this time - I can tell you this. God loves you and he loves your family. He does not make mistakes and nothing happens that he does not allow.

I don't know why Bryson was called home after such a short time on this earth but I know that his life inspired many people already. Remember Ang from the daycare? When I shared the news with her today - she wept and spoke of how much she loved him and was so deeply hurt for you and your husband. She went on to say how she must do something positive to honor his life.  Tonight at home when I share with my seven year old why I was so sad and had the blood red eyes - she said, "Mom, I am so sorry. I say we hug and cherish our Evan more" and promptly hugged me and went to hug her brother. Additionally, as we prayed tonight before bed - she comforted me as I wept for you by saying - "Mom, you know that Bryson is with Jesus now." She is 100% right.  It inspired me to pray a prayer I used to pray often..

Lord - I thank you for my children. I thank you that you have entrusted me with them - because they are not mine, they are yours. 

Whenever I prayed that in the past - I could hardly say it without choking up. With the news of the loss of Bryson - I will renew that prayer and learn to really mean it because we do not know what tomorrow will bring.

When you are ready - Monica, please know I am here. I will be praying without ceasing for you and your family.

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  1. I will keep Bryson in my daily prayers. You mention that you pray with your children. Where is the father figure? A family that prays together stays together. Amen.