Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unfocused and proud of it!

I am in a season of my life that is unpredictable and I can honestly say I love it!

As a life-long planner of all things - heck we cleaned up last weekend for Thanksgiving guests that are not going to arrive for two more weeks - it is fun to be flying by the seat of my pants in a very important area of my life - my vocational/career future.

Let me summarize what's going on so you follow:

Remember, when I started this blog what my deal was....

I want to start my own company - not sure exactly what it will revolve around - I wanted to take some of my knowledge about marketing and leadership, combine it with personal branding and  help people go after their dreams. Write books - conduct workshops - get invited to keynote conferences on marketing, leadership  - Faith in the Workplace - build an EMPIRE!!!

So - at the prompting of my life coach - I actually pitched this idea to a few entities and now have scheduled a talk for a community group and another for university dorm program. I've got two pending talks to schedule and I've only made two sales calls - 4 for 2 is definitely good odds. Imagine what could happen if I devoted more time!

I started a blog - which took an extremely personal turn in the last few weeks but serves as my central hub for communicating with those who want to observe this journey. 

THEN - a local political leader has agreed to help me explore my potential as a public servant - serving our little village. I picked the packet and Monday night we are strategizing my candidacy for Trustee of our village. I am SO in the race and I want to win!

M. Denise 5 months ago - would have said "whoa, whoa, whoa - I did not plan this so I need to step back and think about it... yadda yadda yadda"

Today  - I was reminded of the last time I let go of control and went with the flow. 

It was August of 2000.  In a Best Buy - I met a cute Mexican guy who would join me on the journey I was planning to Spain to find true love (ironic isn't), have an international work adventure and generally pursue my dreams of big things that were not happening for me here in the US.

I remember vividly thinking that fall - that settling down was SO NOT in the plan.

Meeting a guy in the US was SO NOT in the plan.

Coming home after 7 months overseas was SO NOT in the plan.

Well I love how things turned out the last time I let go.

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