Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Authentic Focus

Once again, I have faced an exhausting,  trying week thinking FOR SURE this was Friday when I got home and sat still for more than 1 minute today. Alas,  it is only Wednesday. Just as I was about to start tearing up and throwing a tantrum (the family is downstairs - don't worry) - I got a quick vision.


I am in a race - not a sprint but a "decathlon".

There are many facets to this race - a variety of smaller events that culminate to the prize.

When I start to burn out (which I seem to be doing now sooner and sooner in the week), I stop and focus.

When I FOCUS, it slows me down.

I get to enjoy each event that comprises this "decathlon" I am in.

I cherish my children's voices - and let go of the anxiety of the request.

I look deeply into my husband's eyes and see his heart - not the 'thing' he isn't doing for me.

I see the pending piano lesson as a gift - not another chore to be done.

I see the email questionnaire from the local paper as an opportunity to share my views vs.  a task within a really short window of time to deliver.

I self-reflect on my incredible journey - the triumphs, the heartaches but most of all the outcome.

Focus is the opposite of glance.  Don't glance at your life - focus or you may miss something.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Authenticity is what you do, not who you are!

Today - just in passing I was catching up on one of my favorite blogs, Seth Godin's Blog ( and he recently had a post about authenticity that truly hits what I've been ranting about over the head.

Check it out! and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Character Building or Character Shaping - Either way it hurts!

This has been one of those days.

You know the day I'm speaking of, days where no matter what you say - you're wrong, stupid or making excuses

A day when your normally brilliant idea-factory brain says "ENOUGH" and goes numb 

Day Six of my husband's 8 day trip and I am tired of doing everything, yet - kids gotta eat, piano lessons, homework, baths - yeah, life goes on. 

A day when you get a call piling on to the already very expensive car repair - "what's another $120 when you're spending $3200 on the repair?" 

A few minutes ago I just wanted to crawl into bed and go to sleep and act like today did not happen. Scrap it. Let's start over.

That's when I remembered something my Dad used to say to me often in college as I faced challenge after challenge with my car, paying the tuition bill or trying to cram too many classes in a semester so I could graduate on time and on budget.

He'd always say, "Denise - this will build your character, honey. Don't fight it." That used to make me soooooo mad. There was a time period when I'd say I had character oozing from all parts due to my "opportunities" in life.

Tonight - another theory comes to mind. It occurred to me the other day that some of us are challenged with ultra complex situations repeatedly in life because it's in our best interests or will build muscles we need to use in other areas of our lives. In that regard - I see it as character shaping vs. building as it constantly evolves over time with the specific needs we have as people. 

Of course, I have "light duty" seasons in life but I must say I've had many more challenging seasons than "light duty" ones.

This seems like a challenging season that I can see will give way to something marvelous.

It's all in how I choose to face it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Authentic Exhilaration!

Today takes the new era of my life to a whole new level!

I am exhausted yet 100% excited about what my future holds.

I spoke at a middle school (5th - 8th graders - 4 assemblies ) in Northern Wisconsin about leadership and self-awareness and it was a blast! Not only did I get thoughtful questions and laughter at appropriate moments during my presentations - I got the full attention of each group of kids and total validation for my current path.

As I prepared for this talk- I realized that every aspect of my life was pretty much put in motion between 5th and 8th grade. Today when I looked into their eyes and answered their questions and exchanged stories about those turbulent years- I think I've found my calling.

You see - I'd been open to being a motivational speaker for women, minorities - faith in the workplace, marketing, leadership - WHATEVER- I was open to it all. 

Today - I found my calling... middle school kids. 

THAT is exhilarating!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Got Vision?

It is the 6th day of February and I have not blogged in over a week.

I don't have a profound excuse... I am just

running for public office  - pricing yard signs, writing my materials, strategizing my campaign etc

preparing for a speaking engagement at a middle school over 250 miles away next week

basking in the glow of my first published book review online 
(peep it @

praying about a TOP SECRET project to which I am considering lending my talent 

oh yeah - then, there is my full-time job as a marketer and a wife and mom of two.

A friend asked me today - Where do you get the energy to do this?

It is simple. It is my long term vision that keeps me going. Where I want to be - not where I am today. Period. End of Story.

Do you have a long term vision to get you through?